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How to manage Object Storage on OS Windows with S3 Browser

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After registering for Object Storage service, you need to have software on your personal computer to manage the  bucket of Object Storage service. For Windows operating system, we will introduce to you S3 Browser. First, you need to download the S3 Browser software at the following link:

Connect S3 Browser to Object Storage

To configure the S3 Browser software to connect to Object Storage, please refer to the following steps:

You open the software S3 Browser, select Accounts -> Add new account


Enter the complete configuration as instructed below to connect to Object Storage. 

(*) REST Endpoint:
Server of storage that you make connection to.

(*) Access Key ID:
ABC123 ...

(*) Secret Access Key:

These information will be sent to your email after the Object Storage service registration is completed.

Please check the option Use secure transfer (SSL / TLS) to increase the security of your connection.

Once completed, you click on Add new account to complete.


Create Bucket

To create a new bucket, click on the New bucket -> choose the Bucket name -> Select Create New Bucket to complete.


Create folder

To create a folder in the bucket, click on the bucket to create a folder, then click on New Folder -> Name the Folder -> click Create New Folder to complete


Upload file 

To Upload files up, you can drag and drop from your computer to the S3 browser software or click the Upload button.



You can set permission for your file system, data in Object Storage. To do it, click on the Permissions tab and select files / folders. Click on Make public / Make Private or configure according to your purpose of use.


Click Apply Changes to update the configuration.


Above we have introduced to you the basic steps to manage Object Storage on Windows operating system with S3 Browser software. If you have any difficulty in using the service, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following channels:



Hotline: 19006806 (Ext 2)

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