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Announcement about changing system structure of Email Pro service

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  • 17/04/2023 9:43 AM

Dear Customers,

Thank you for always trusting and accompanying with vHost during the past time.


In order to improve service quality for better experiences, vHost would like to announce that we will change the system structure of Email Pro service.


Some notes for customers during the conversion process:


  • vHost will make the transition on April 21, 2023.
    • Estimated start time: 21h00 on 21/04/2023 (GMT+7).
    • Estimated end time: 23h00 on 21/04/2023 (GMT+7).
  • Customers who are using the service will still access the link to send and check new emails.
  • Email accounts on the new system will have the same password, which will be sent to you before vHost performs the conversion.
  • You are required to change your password after the first login.
  • Emails on your old system will be gradually transferred by vHost to the new system. vHost guarantees to transfer all of your email data to the new system.
  • During mail data transfer, customers can still send/receive mail via webmail and other tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird,...


To avoid affecting your service, vHost will closely monitor during the transition period.


vHost would like to inform customers and hope you will cooperate with vHost during the above period.


In case you need further assistance, please contact vHost through the following channels:



Best regards.

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