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Instructions: How to add a Monitor with Port type to perform monitoring

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Instructions for using Sever Monitoring servic

After you have registered the service. To be able to use the service, you must access the members account via the following URL:

After you login to the members page, click on Service [1] then select Server Monitoring [2].


On the Monitoring server page, It displays the products you have registered then you click Manage to access to Server Monitoring service.

To add a Monitor, click the Add Monitor button on the My Monitors page.


When you choose to Monitor by port, you select the port you want to Monitor and configure as follows:

Monitor Name [1]: Your hostname for this Monitor

Monitor Location [2]: The default option is localhost

URL/IP [3]: You can use your domain or server IP address to Monitoring

Port [4]: You select one of the ports to conduct monitoring, for example on the picture is port 80 for HTTP service (web)

Interval [5]: After a period of time (5 minutes, 10 minutes,..), the system will respond to the status of the server

After the configuration is complete, you click on Save Changes to save the configuration

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