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How to use the Reinstall OS on the Auto Server

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How to use the Reinstall OS on the server

To install a new operating system for your server, you can refer to the following article

Step 1: You need to log in with the email registered for Auto Server service at vHost by following link:

Step 2: When you have successfully logged in to your members account then you need to select your Auto Server service in main page or you can select Services >> My services and then select your Auto Server service


Step 3: After clicking on the Auto Server service, you will be redirected to your server administration page. To implement Reinstall, please go to Server Management >> Reinstall


Then you will perform Reinstall, you refer to the configuration of the values below:


[1] IP Address: Check the IP address for the server

[2] Hostname: Set the Hostname for the server

[3] Operating System: Select a new operating system for your server

[4] Root Password: Set password root

[5] Root Password (again): Re-enter password root

Options: In case you need to create more users, you can perform the configuration on [6], [7], [8]

Please do not hestitate contact to us if any information is required via the following channels below:

Call Center: 1900 6806 (Press 2)

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