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How to use NoVNC console for VPS / Cloud VPS service

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In this article, we will guide how to use the NoVNC console for VPS / Cloud VPS services.

Step 1: Use members / email account login to this link:

Step 2: Click on Cloud VPS service that is active in the "Your Active Products/Services"


Step 3: On the Manage Products page of the Cloud VPS service, continue to click on noVNC Console to complete.


Step 4: A NoVNC window will appears, click on the arrow icon in the left corner of the screen to be able to perform tasks on VPS.


Note: You can use this feature even when your VPS is experiencing an error related to the operating system, VPS cannot remote, ... and you cannot copy and paste. drag and drop information from outside the to the NoVNC console.

If you have any difficulty in using the service, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following channels:

Hotline: 19006806 (Ext 2) 

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