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How to configure MailEnable mail relaying on Plesk for Windows server

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How to configure MailEnable mail relaying on Plesk for Windows server

Step 1: Perform Remote Desktop Connection to the Server where Plesk is installed

Step 2: After successfully access to your server via Remote Desktop Connection, open the MailEnable Administrator program by selecting [1] Start >> On the Windows search tool and searching for the keyword MailEnable and then click on [2] MailEnable as the picture attached below.


Step 3: Go to Servers > localhost > Services and Connectors > right-click on [1] SMTP > [2] Properties


Step 4: In the SMTP Properties window, select the [1] Smart Host tab. Tick to [2] Smart Host Enabled to Enable configuration.

[3] IP / Domain and Port: Enter Relay Hostname and Port information provided by vHost to you.

Please tick to [4] Remote server option that requires authentication, enter the username / password provided after registering Email Relay service at item [5] Account Name / Password.

Finally, click [6] Apply >> [7] OK to save the configuration.

Step 5: Restart SMTP Connector: right-click on SMTP > Stop and then click on Start.


In case you need more support, please contact vHost via the following channels:

Call Center: 19006806 (press 2)

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