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Network maintenance announcement at Datacenter Singapore on 23th, July 2023

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Dear Valued Customers,

vHost would like to thank you for always trusting and accompanying vHost during the past time.


According to a notice from partner Singapore, vHost would like to update information about network maintenance at datacenter Singapore, specifically as follows:


  • Start time: 23th July 2023 23:00 (GMT+7).
  • End time: 24th July 2023 01:00 (GMT+7).
  • Reason: Network link maintenance
  • Impact: None

Note: the above time is planned time, the actual maintenance time may be done sooner.

To avoid affecting your services, vHost will closely monitor during the above maintenance period.

vHost would like to inform customers to keep informed and cooperate with vHost during this time.

In case you need further assistance, please contact vHost through the following channels:

Best regards,

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