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Announcement of Viettel Ho Chi Minh Datacenter infrastructure planning

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Dear Valued Customer,


vHost would like to thank you for always trusting and accompanying vHost during the past time.


The infrastructure at Viettel Ho Chi Minh Datacenter is no longer suitable for the development needs of vHost in the future, so to ensure service quality, vHost will plan and convert services at Viettel Ho Chi Minh Datacenter. Minh returned to CMC Ho Chi Minh Datacenter in September 2023 with the following content.


Datacenter infrastructure planning.

  • Planning time end: Until the end of September 30, 2023 GMT +7:00.
  • Reason: Migrate Server from Viettel Ho Chi Minh Datacenter to CMC Ho Chi Minh Datacenter.
  • Impact: Bare Metal Server, Hosting, Cloud Server, Storage services will be interrupted during the planning period. Regarding the specific impact time of each service, vHost will notify each customer of the specific time and coordinate with vHost to complete the Datacenter infrastructure planning.


Note: the above time is the estimated time, the infrastructure planning time may be completed earlier than planned.


To avoid affecting your services, vHost will closely monitor during the infrastructure planning period.


If you need further assistance or information, please reply to this email or contact us via below channels:


Best Regards,

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